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re: App: robinator002

The application submitted by robinator002 is as follows:

Name : Banegrowler
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Hellfire
Level : 90
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Holy
Spec 2 : Ret

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Why have you chosen these specs?:
Healing is what I love to do in WoW and I have always played holy paladin in PvP private servers and now I'm back on real WoW for PvE and I want to stick with the class I know the best.

Please explain your glyph choices for both specs:
Divine Plea glyph: I used it so my healing doesn't get reduced for several seconds.
Lay on hands glyph: mana regen
I don't have a third glyph because there isn't any good 3rd glyphs around for holy.
I don't have any ret glyphs because I rarely play ret. Only for questing.

Explain your DPS rotation/tank playstyle/healing spell choice in a generic raid situation, provide details of your choices where movement and AoE are necessary if possible. :
Ofc use beacon of light on the tank. Use holy radiance on groups of players. Use holy shock folowed by holy radiance if AoE healing is needed or holy flame if single target is more need at the time. I choose for holy flame instead of word of glory because it heals the beacon and can be used on serveral targets at the same time. Use divine light and holy light for isngle target healing depending on the HP they're missing. Flash of light only for emergancys, because it consumes A LOT of mana and go oom too fast.

Have you read the Guild, Raid and DKP Rules in the Handbook?:

Have you understood them?:

Do you agree with them?:

Primary Profession:
Alchemy - Elixir


Secondary Profession:


Why have you chosen these professions?:
I like to farm my own flasks and elixirs for raiding. Alchemy also makes good gold.
Flasks last for 2 hours on me and I love that.

If one of the above is a gathering profession, would you be prepared to drop it and pick up a profession that is valuable to your class in a raid setting, for the guild's benefit?:
I've been thinking to drop it for jewelcrafting and train herbalism on a gathering character.

How many Days and Hours have you played on this character?:
3 days 10 hours, as I said I played on private server before.

Personal Questions

How old are you?:

Where do you live?:
Belgium (Flanders)

Why do you want to join Valorous?:
I love raiding and I choose to raid in a good guild.

Do you know anyone in the guild that you think would recommend you?:

Please provide a recent WWS or World of Logs (or similar) link, if you don't have one, please provide us a recount report from a target dummy:
I don't have any now. I can't heal on a dummy ofc.

Please provide a recent screenshot of your raid UI:
I use standard WoW Ui with VuhDo addon for healing, quartz for casting and recount for statistics.

Can you communicate in English in spoken and written form?:

Previous guilds and servers and why you left them:
Can't remember. I tanked for a guild on the horde side here on Hellfire. And I played fury warrior in a top ranked guild on a german server. I have somebody who can confirm that on Real-ID. I left the guild because they went from 25-man to 10-man raid team for the same reason as DREAM Paragon did.

Please describe your Cataclysm progression, with respect to bosses killed 10 or 25 man::
Cleared all bosses before firelands on heroic 25-man. That was with the german guild. I haven't done anything from firelands because I have quit WoW for a year.

Please tell us about any pre-Cataclysm raiding experience (or N/A) on any character::

Are there any special achievements you have that might affect your application, such as pre-2.4 Mount Hyjal/Black Temple attunement or WotLK meta achievements?:
Not that I can think of.

Can you raid on Wednesdays between 20.30-00.30?:

Can you raid on Thursdays between 20.30-00.30?:

Can you raid on Sundays between 20.30-00.30?:

Can you raid on Mondays between 20.30-00.30?:

Is there anything coming up in the near future which will make you unable to attend scheduled raids? (work, exams, etc):

Who is your Internet Service Provider?:

What is the speed of your connection?:
I have a fibre wire connection and a self built gaming PC, I'm super fast :p

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it during raids?:

Please list your computers hardware specification (CPU, GFX Card, Memory and so on. If you don't know, find out!!):
mouse: razer naga <3, RAM:DDR3-1600, gfx card:nvidia gtx670(asus), cpu:intel i5 2500k(overclocked@4,5Mhz),mobo: GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3

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