Being a Core Raider in Valorous

~ Raids ~
  • -          Signing up
We expect from every core raider and initiative to sign up for raids 24h in advance.*
You need to be signed up even if you cannot attend raid that day, that’s why we have options how to sign up:
Available - You can attend raid and you will be on time. (Note for your loot list)
Tentative - You are not sure are you going to be able to raid that day or not. (Note saying why)
If you are signed as tentative you need to change to available or unavailable at least 2h before raid time (18h server time).
Unavailable - You are not able to attend raid. (Note saying why) 
Every raider needs to know what loot he needs, officers need to know that too.
So please take your time and make your loot list that you will put in your note for every raid that you sign up as Available.*
Loot should be done like this: What piece? Which one?  From who?
                          Example: Chest - T13 Robes of Dying Light - Ultraxion
You always sign up for every raid, the only reason acceptable not doing this is having the officer team knowing that you won’t be able to make it and making an absence post .*(Saying that you might be late or might be 30-40mins late and then not showing up until almost end of the raid is not acceptable.)

  • -          Be on time
On our raid calendar where you do signing up you can see time 20:30 server time. It is time when we are going to do first pull, not time for you to come online. You should be online at least 20:15h server time, everything after that is you being late! *
(Be prepared with all add-ons updated, right spec, repaired –gemmed-enchanted-gear and working mike)
Do not forget that 20:30h is pull time, NOT asking for summon time!
  • -          Be prepared
Read up and watch a video guide for boss that we are going to attempt (be sure to know inside out what you need to do).*Your gear needs to be gemmed and enchanted properly. You need to have a right spec for encounter. Using add-ons that will improve your raiding performance and keep them updated (recount = no! failing because having 5 fps with recount enabled is double fail!). Don’t be cheap, take that 50g from your pockets and repair your gear before you enter the raid!
  • -          Vanished / Disappear
For people not turning up, this is not something we accept in this guild without a good reason.
It will result in these people being benched or in a worse case situation not included at all or even worse removed from the guild.

*(For those on trial in the guild, failing on any of these 5 in any remark is not acceptable and will have consequences on your trial being successful. for everyone else, if you don’t want to be demote down to trial again, simply do what we've already nagged about so many times.)
  • -          Attend a Raid
At 20:15 server time you need to be logged into game and Guild Ventrilo.
(your ventrilo nick need to be the same as in game name of your main raiding character).
Look at forum for Raid roster**.  Read guild chat to see who you will need to whisper to get raid invite.
Be in front of raid instance that it is on schedule for that raiding night. 
At 20:25 server time you should be inside of raid instance ready for first pull.
Do not forget that 20:30h is pull time, NOT asking for summon time!
When raid start you should know that we will have fish feast and cauldron so please pay attention to always be food and flask buffed. Don’t forget to use your class buffs to buff up a raid. If anyone is asking for buff you are failing.
You need to listen to ventrilo all the time.  We don’t want to repeat our self just because you are not bothered to listen!
When a raid leader / officer calls for wipe, then wipe it! Do not shadowmeld , feint death , vanish or do rest of “smart” things.
Run back in FAST, pay attention for fish feat, eat, buff up and click READY on ready check!
(Do not forget to repair after a wipe)
If you don’t know to set your game sound properly then you do not tab out when you are in raid! (You can look at WoL after the raid)  We don’t want to be calling out for people to tab back in.
You don’t need to ask for new cauldron, we can see it.
When we do loot: Master looter is first one to loot chests not you (don’t behave like a loot wh*re and show some respect)!
You should keep chat clean.  When officer links an item on raid chat, if you have interest in that item you NEED to roll and link what you are going to replace. If you roll on tier token then you need to add a number saying how many pieces of tier you already have! (Have without the token you roll on).  That’s only things we want to see on raid chat when we do loot, as cleaner as chat is faster we can make decision on loot and move on with raid.
** Raid roster has Standbys!
Standbys, you are expected to be online ready to jump into the raid if we need you, that is for the duration of the raid. Unless specifically told by the raid leaders that you would not be needed for the raid and that is ok for you to logoff.

And last but never the least Valorous members do not talk in General Chat while in an active raid group!
~ What you give is what you get! ~
  • -          Feasts and Cauldrons
We are using now the fish feast buff food and cauldrons for our raid nights.
This enables all raiders to benefit from less farming time per reset and less gold costs.
Unfortunately the materials do not grow on tree and we need to work as a team to provide them. So therefore to keep this up we would like some help from you guys. By helping farm for some of these mats, either mailing the items to Nambi or depositing them directly into guild bank.
The regents for the Cauldrons are:

3 x Flask of Steelskin
3 x Flask of the Draconic Mind
3 x Flask of the Winds
3 x Flask of Titanic Strength
***Each raiding member deposit or mail, mats or flasks to officers or guild bank.
The regents for the feasts are:

2 x Highland Guppy (fishing pools in Twilight Highlands)
2 x Fathom Eel (fishing pools in Tol Barad Peninsula)
2 x Lavascale Catfish (Deathwing's Fall Deepholm  - these are the hardest as they are not caught from pools)
** Each raiding member mails one stack of each of the fish required every reset.
  •  -          Epic Gems
When you get your BiS loot, you can ask an officer for epic gem from guild bank. When you are asking for one please use common sense about it. We want to gem gear that you are going to hold on for quite some time.
  • -          Enchanting  Materials
Every raiding member can ask to get mats from guild bank, for enchanting tier gear or weapons.
  • -          Support your guild
Recruitment posts need some love and bumps, so please don’t be lazy and do some bumps.

We need more people to bump the thread in the recruitment forums (second link),
as the recruitment forum thread falls down the forum a lot quicker then thread in the Hellfire forums.
Do not forget as title says how much you give that much you will get :)
We wish you all happy raiding :)


//Your Officer Team